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- 08-07 SINISTIR's got a new addition. Check out the RIDES photos.

- 08-07 SINISTIR strikes again! Santa Rosa Car Show - Camarillo, CA Check out the EVENTS photos.

- 06-07 SINISTIR's at it again! Simi Valley Chili Cook Off - Simi Valley, CA Check out the EVENTS photos.

- 05-07 SINISTIR's first outing! R.O.P. - Camarillo, CA Check out the EVENTS photos.

- 04-07 SINISTIR's first designs are done and first prints are out! Check them out here - SINISTIR SHOP

Sinistir\ Watch for SINISTIR MotorSports!!
Sinistir Pinstripe Design


We hope to provide you with a bit of everything here at Sinistir!
  • And of course...SICK CONTENT!!

- - Looking for something else? A different T? Gear with an edge that you can wear to grandmas house? Wanna wear something you can stand behind? Wanna make a statement? We aim to do that for ya! We plan on doing alot of things differently. So if your up for the ride and want to have some fun, jump in!!

You can start with these links SINISTIR's Outside the Box- black T
  • SINISTIR SHOP - Find all your SINISTIR gear and stickers here
  • EVENTS - Come check out where SINISTIR has been
  • RIDES - Anything with wheels can be SINISTIR
  • SOLDIERS - Lets see you doing your thing in SINISTIR wear
  • MOTORSPORTS- follow the SINISTIR racing teams!!
  • PARTNERS - These are SINISTIR's trusted sites and businesses


- 05-08 SINISTIR checks out Super Chevy car show- Fontana, CA.- check out the EVENTS photos!

- 05-08 SINISTIR Returns to its second ROP event- Camarillo, CA.- check out the EVENTS photos.

- 10-07 SINISTIR goes to the 21st Annual HotWheels Convention - Irvine, CA.- check out the Amazing customized 1/64 scale creations in the EVENTS section.

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